« My only regret regarding WORKINGIRL is that I didn’t recruit Johanna Scher myself as photo director in the magazines that I’ve directed. She is so much more efficient, persistant, talented and pleasant to be around than so many others… »

Yorgo Tloupas from Yorgo & Co

« Workingirl is like its founder: efficient, fast, happy and thoughtful of all the details that make a difference. In an industry where competition is fierce it’s very precious to get offered such a properly tailor-made service. »

Ferid Ouertani from Walter Schupfer Management

« In one word ? Johanna is dynamic-enthusiastic-professionnal-and-friendly-on-top-of-it… »

Isabelle Mocq-Orain from BETC

« If you are looking for a production company that will do everything in its power to produce one of the best shoots you will ever have, call WORKINGIRL. Johanna and her team pride themselves on making their clients feel secure and confident throughout the entire process, and of course, having a great time! They are an absolute delight to work with, and they are incredibly diligent about shooting conditions. I can’t sing their praises enough. »

Laëtitia Gondallier de Tugny
Soixan7e Quin5e Print

« Whenever I send my artists on WORKINGIRL productions I know for sure that they will end their day with a big smile on their face. Johanna and team always manage last minute problems or constraints with efficiency and elegance: a parisian style that makes all the difference! »

Camille Morandi founder of Luchadoor Project

« Workingirl, the well named Johanna, efficient, involved, aware, surrounded by a team just like her. I like. »

Martine de Menthon